Configuration of Groups Secretariate
The manager normally does not receive any calls directly, but rather all of his/her incoming calls (i.e. incoming calls to his/her numbers) are forwarded through the defined secretariate number. As a result, the secretariate receives all calls, both those calls intended for the secretariate and those for the manager. All calls received in the secretariate are shown on the display of the manager's telephone and after a predefined time period, the calls will be signaled to the manager with an attention tone. Those calls which are received for the manager will be connected to the manager by the secretariate staff after (or without) inquiry.
The scenario described above, which is often called the manager-secretariate function, represents a combination of different parameters from the SwyxWare point of view, and these parameters must be appropriately configured by the participating users.
SwyxWare Administration Provides a wizard for this purpose to help you to set up a secretariate configuration with just a few mouse clicks.
This wizard is started on the "Secretariate" tab. This tab can be opened using the context menu in the detail view of the highlighted user or via the appropriate symbol in the toolbar. The tab offers an overview of the secretariate configuration in which the respective user is involved. The managers for which the user has accepted a secretariate function are listed in the upper section ("…is secretariate of"). If the user has a managerial function, the appropriate secretariate is listed in the lower list view ("…is manager of"). By clicking on the correspondingly labeled button next to the list views, you can create a new secretariate configuration for the user or clear existing configurations.
A user can take on the secretariate function for several managers. Each manager, however, is assigned exactly one secretariate. Therefore, after creating a secretariate configuration in which the user functions as a manager, the "Add" button for the lower list view is deactivated.
This is how you set up a new secretariate configuration
1 Depending on whether the user should be defined as a secretariate or a manager, click on "Add" in the upper or the lower list view. The wizard for setting up the secretariate configuration will open.
2 On the start page, select the second user for the secretariate configuration from the list. If the wizard was opened via "Add" in the upper list view, the user selected here will be assigned the chosen functionality.
3 On the next page, indicate which SwyxWare parameters are to be adjusted for the secretariate configuration. These parameters include, on the one hand, those common Call Forwardings associated with the manager - secretariate functionality, such as Call Forwarding Unconditional and No Reply of the manager's calls to the secretariate and Call Forwarding No Reply of calls for the secretariate to Standard Voicemail. On the other hand, you can also define whether mutual call and status signaling should be activated for both users and whether a Speed Dial is set up for each of the configuration partners in SwyxPhone and SwyxIt!. All of the options described up to this point are automatically preselected. If you would also like both users to use the same SwyxIt! skin, please activate the appropriate checkbox. The number of following dialogs within the wizard depends on the selection made on this page:
4 If you have activated the option "Configuration of the manager's first speed dial with the secretariate's number and vice versa", the corresponding configuration dialog will now appear. If both of the users involved already have Speed Dials set up, you can indicate here whether the existing Speed Dial should be overwritten or whether a new Speed Dial should be added. If a user has several numbers, you can choose the number to be assigned to the Speed Dial from a list.
5 If you have activated the option "Use of the same SwyxIt! Skin for manager and secretariate", a dialog will appear in which you can choose whether the manager's or the secretariate's skin will be used as the common skin.
6 On the last page of the wizard, you will be shown an overview of those user properties which will be changed as a consequence of the new secretariate configuration. Click on "Finish" to start the configuration process. This process may take a moment to complete. After confirming the successful creation of a new secretariate configuration you will automatically be returned to the "Secretariate" tab. The user for whom a new secretariate relationship has been created should now appear in the appropriate list view.
Any changes made to the SwyxIt! skin will not take effect until the user in question has logged on to the SwyxServer again!
This is how you remove an existing secretariate configuration.
1 Open the "Secretariate" tab for one of the involved users.
2 In the "Secetariate" tab, select the user for which you want to remove the secretariate configuration.
3 Click on the “Remove” button next to the corresponding list view in which the user was selected.
The wizard for clearing a secretariate configuration will now open.
4 On the start page, you will once again see both users for whom the secretariate configuration is to be removed. Click on "Next" if you are sure you want to remove the configuration.
5 The dialog which follows allows you to select the individual SwyxWare parameters that are to be reset when removing the secretariate relationship between the two users. Parameters which you or one of the users have changed manually since the creation of the secretariate configuration appear grayed out and cannot be selected.
6 Click "Finish".
The parameters you selected are reconfigured. After successful removal of the secretariate configuration, you will automatically return to the "Secretariate" tab.