SwyxWare installation Summary of the SwyxServer Installation Option packs and add-ons
Option packs and add-ons
There are further options packs and expansion options available for a SwyxWare installation. The option packs and licenses listed below require further installation steps in addition to the input of a license key.
Subsystem configuration
You can now
integrate a sub-telecommunication system.
operate SwyxWare as a sub-telecommunication system.
SwyxDECT 500
Integrate a DECT system SwyxDECT 500.
SwyxDECT 800
Integrate a DECT system SwyxDECT 800. See SwyxDECT 800 System.
Install SwyxStandby
Following the installation of a standby SwyxServer you can install the primary server (Master SwyxServer). See Tabelle 21.