SwyxWare installation Which services belong to SwyxServer
Which services belong to SwyxServer
In the Windows Server Service Manager you will find the SwyxServer service under the name “SwyxServer”. It manages the users and assigns the calls. The Call Routing Manager scripts and the Graphical Script Editor scripts are also run here.
The "SwyxConfigDataStore" service controls the access to the database for SwyxServer. All server parameters are stored in the database, such as user data, trunk parameters, trunk groups, announcements and scripts.
The “SwyxPhoneManager” service is included in SwyxPhoneSupport. It is responsible for the connection of the SwyxPhone Lxxx. SwyxPhone cannot be used unless this service is running.
This service manages queues.
The LinkManager manages all connections that are not made via the public network, but rather via IP-WAN connections, e.g. SwyxLink, SIP or ENUM connections.
SwyxGate is responsible for the communication with the public telephone network (PSTN). It manages ISDN connections according to installation via BRI or PRI connection.
This service facilitates connections from authorized subscribers to SwyxWare outside the local (LAN) or virtual private network (VPN).
As ConferenceManager, this service manages all initiated conferences and conference rooms. If this service is not active, no conference can be initiated from this location.
The "SwyxCTI+" is licensed with the SwyxCTI+ option. This option allows you to control a telephony device with CTI SwyxIt! or to link CTI SwyxIt! with an external phone via its phone number.
SwyxFax Server and SwyxFax Printer Gateway
These two services belong to the SwyxServer and are licensed with the SwyxFax option pack. They are used both for receiving and sending fax documents, and for outputting these documents on a printer.
The “SwyxWareHelper” service monitors the current processes of SwyxWare. Each SwyxWare component automatically registers itself with SwyxWareHelper each time it is started. The SwyxWareHelper then checks these components regularly and terminates them if there is a malfunction. If automatic restart has been configured under “Restore” in the options of the service, (this is automatically done by the SwyxWare installation program), WindowsServer will restart these components. If the component is terminated manually, it removes the registration with SwyxWareHelper automatically and no restart will occur.
The service "SwyxReporting" is always installed, but is only activated in SwyxWare for Data Center and SwyxON. On the back end server this service ensures that the usage reports are sent ( Tab "Usage Reports“).