SwyxWare installation Preparation for Installation Installation for Calendar-Based Call Management
Installation for Calendar-Based Call Management
The following provides a description of the integration of SwyxWare in an environment with Microsoft Outlook and a Microsoft Exchange Server.
In order for SwyxWare users to be able to use Calendar-Based Call Management, the exchange mailbox of the corresponding user must be entered in the SwyxServer user configuration.
How to configure the Calendar-Based Call Management
1 Start SwyxWare Administration.
2 Move to the “Users” directory.
3 Please select a user and click with the right mouse button on the list entry.
4 In the context menu, select "Properties".
The "Properties of…" window of the user will appear.
5 Click on “Administration…” on the “Preferences” tab.
6 Select the “Advanced” tab.
7 In the field “Mailbox”, enter the corresponding Exchange user ( Calendar Access).
Please note that according to the default settings, Microsoft Exchange Server or Outlook changes which users make in their Outlook Calendars will be updated only every 15 minutes and made public for a six-month period. If this interval is too long or you would like to publish appointments for a period longer than 6 months, you must modify the local Outlook settings for the appropriate user as described in the following.
How to reduce the update interval
1 Start MS Outlook by using the Windows user account of the user to be configured.
2 In the main menu, under „File | Options | Calendar“ click on the „Free/Busy Options...“ button.
3 In the “Authorizations” tab, click on “Free/Busy options”.
4 Within the dialog “Free/Busy Options” you can now enter the interval length for the update and the time period of the appointments to be published.
5 Then confirm all open dialogs by clicking on “OK”.