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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (2014) Express Installation
Please find below a brief description of a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express installation. For further information please refer to the associated Microsoft documentation.
The Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express can easily be installed using the software contained on the SwyxWare DVD.
Before starting the software, please confirm that there is no SQL Server installed on the target computer, as this will not be checked by the installation program.
If you want to subsequently set up a standby scenario, please upgrade the Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition for the master system to a SQL Server Standard Edition. The SQL Agent installed along with this is needed for the database synchronization. On both servers, the function "Database Services - Replication" must be selected during the installation of the SQL Server. The standby system can continue to work with a Microsoft SQL Server Express database.
You can obtain an overview of the Microsoft SQL Servers at
How to install an MS SQL Server
1 Start the installation of the MS SQL Server.
Select “Install SwyxServer”. Select "Microsoft SQL Server" and then "Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (2014) Express".
The files are unpacked.
2 Click on "New Installation or Addition of Functions to an Existing Installation".
3 Accept the license agreement and click on "Next>".
4 Accept the use of Microsoft update and click on "Next>".
5 Install the Setup support files by clicking on "Next>".
6 Function selection:
Various function parameters can then be configured.
Click on "Next>".
7 Instance name:
You can create an instance name here, if you want to install multiple database instances on one SQL Server.
We recommend that you keep to the default instance.
Click on "Next>".
8 Service accounts:
Keep the standard parameters and click “Next>”.
9 Account Provisioning:
Choose "Mixed mode" and give the password for the SQL Server System administrator account. Confirm the password.
10 Click on "Add..." to allow the members of the local administrator group to access the SQL Server. Click on "Next>".
11 Click on "Install" to start the installation.
The installation wizard now installs the SQL Server with the given parameters.
If you change the name of the server computer after the installation, please follow the instructions contained in the following Technet article:
Make sure that most recent service pack is installed for your SQL Server, and check regularly, e.g. on the Microsoft Security Website ( http://www.microsoft.com/security), if other security-relevant updates for this Microsoft software exist; and if so, install them.