SwyxWare installation Installation of the SwyxWare Administration
Installation of the SwyxWare Administration
The administration of a SwyxWare installation is done using a snap in module for the Microsoft Management Console, the SwyxWare Administration.
Start the installation of the SwyxWare Administration after the SwyxWare installation. You can additionally install the SwyxWare Administration on further computers in the network and administer SwyxWare remotely.
Prerequisites for the SwyxWare Administration
The following prerequisites apply for the installation of the SwyxWare Administration:
* Operating system Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016
* Microsoft .NET 4.5.2 Framework
* 180MB of free disk space
How to install the SwyxWare Administration on a Windows computer
1 Verify that all prerequisites are fulfilled ( Prerequisites for the SwyxWare Administration).
2 Put the SwyxWare DVD into your DVD ROM drive.
The Setup program will start automatically.
In case the setup does not start, double-click on the file autorun.exe, which is located on the SwyxWare DVD.
The SwyxWare Setup start page will appear.
3 If the necessary preconditions are satisfied, click on "Install SwyxWare Administration".
Depending on the current system, the 32bit or 64bit variant is installed.
4 The installation start page for SwyxWare Administration will appear.
Click on ”Next>”.
5 Accept the license agreement.
Click on ”Next>”.
6 Read the latest information.
Click on ”Next>”.
7 Select the components to be installed, here "SwyxWare Administration":
* SwyxWare Administration
Is used for the configuration of SwyxServer. Additional components you will find here are Call Routing Manager and Graphical Script Editor, which are used for creating scripts.
- Desktop link
Please specify whether you would like to create a desktop shortcut.
* PowerShell support
Installs the PowerShell expansion for SwyxWare.
See PowerShell support.
- Script execution rule
Sets the script execution rule for Windows PowerShell to "AllSigned". Only scripts generated by a trustworthy author can be executed. This option is necessary for SwyxWare PowerShell support and must be activated.
* AD Integration
Installs the interface for the SwyxWare Active Directory integration. See Configure users in the Windows user administration.
You can view the hard disk memory usage here, and specify the installation directory for the SwyxWare Administration.
8 Start the installation.
The installation will be performed automatically. The SwyxWare Administration is then available to you.