SwyxWare installation SwyxWareUpdate Preparation
Local administrator rights on your Windows Server are mandatory for updating the software.
When you update SwyxWare for Data Center you must update Reporting-Server before you update the Frontend-Server.
As already described in SwyxWare installation, the SwyxWare server services may run on a local user account, if no SwyxWare services are operated on other computers and use the local server. Nevertheless it is recommended to run the services on a domain user account. In this case name and password of the domain user account are required for an update.
An existing installation can be simply updated by starting the SwyxWare setup. If a SwyxServer is also running on SwyxGate it is necessary, for preparing upgrade of your ISDN card drivers, to stop the SwyxGate service and all utilities that access the ISDN card (e.g. Saphir Monitor or D channel monitor).