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Updating the ISDN Card Drivers
SwyxWare also supplies updated drivers for your ISDN cards.
Please update the ISDN card drivers as described in the following.
How to update the drivers for SX2 cards
1 Start the device manager on the "Hardware" tab under "Start |Settings| Control Panel | System".
2 Under "Network adapter" choose the menu item "Update Driver..." in the context menu of the SX2 card.
The Hardware Update Wizard is started.
3 Direct the wizard to the drivers in the relevant directory for your installation under "...Hardware\SX2 ISDN Driver\Driver“ on the SwyxWare DVD.
The drivers are then updated. All settings remain unchanged.
4 If further ISDN cards are installed, please repeat steps 1 to 3 for each card.
Please also check whether the WAN Miniport driver has been updated, too ( Expert configuration - WAN parameters:).