SwyxWare installation SwyxWareUpdate Executing the SwyxWare update
Executing the SwyxWare update
The update of your SwyxWare installation or the reinstallation of SwyxWare with takeover of the existing database is executed with the help of Microsoft Windows Installer.
You need an update license key for the update. After the update, please request a permanent license key again in the SwyxWare Administration ( The “Licenses” Tab).
It is not possible to update a SwyxWare to a SwyxWare for Data Center.
How to update your SwyxWare installation using SwyxWare setup
1 Put the SwyxWare DVD into your DVD ROM drive.
The Setup program will start automatically.
In case the setup does not start, double-click on the file autorun.exe, which is located on the SwyxWare DVD.
The SwyxWare Setup start page will appear.
2 Select “Install SwyxServer”.
3 Please follow the instructions and click on “SwyxServer”.
4 Follow the instructions provided by the Installation Wizard.
5 You can choose the components to be installed, and enter a target path for the installation.
After a successful installation of the new software the Configuration Wizard will be started automatically.
For further information on the Configuration Wizard, please refer to Configuring SwyxWare.
6 Following configuration of the SwyxWare, update the SwyxWare Administration by inserting the SwyxWare DVD, and starting autorun.exe if necessary.