Licensing SwyxWare Licensing Procedure
SwyxWare Licensing Procedure
By purchasing of SwyxWare you have acquired the right from Swyx to install the software.
In addition, the purchase of a license allows you to install the telephony client software as often as you like and to carry out SwyxWare Administration. The maximum number of voice channels you can operate simultaneously and the maximum number of SwyxWare users which can be simultaneously logged on to the SwyxServer depends on the type of license you have purchased.
The licensing of the SwyxWare is carried out with the help of a registration mechanism of Swyx. During the first installation, you will be asked for the license keys. These license keys are limited to 30 days. The temporary license key is sent to you as a PDF. Within these 30 days it is possible to receive an unlimited (permanent) key for your SwyxWare installation by completing registration.
Permanent license keys can be requested using the SwyxWare Administration. In addition to customer data, the hardware information of the computer on which SwyxWare is installed is recorded in the form of checksums. The use of checksums ensures that Swyx does not acquire knowledge concerning your actual hardware information. This data is then sent to Swyx. Based on this data, Swyx derives an unlimited key for your SwyxWare installation which is then sent to you. The installation of SwyxWare onto another system (e.g. due to a failure of the previously used system) requires that you repeat the registration procedure.
The file which is created when requesting a permanent license key, contains encrypted information concerning the hardware of the computer on which the product is installed. Please note that you must create the license key request on the system you want to use later.
When purchasing additional licenses, it is possible to simply add other license keys in order to expand an existing license (). See User license.
You will find detailed information concerning the registration process in The “Licenses” Tab.
Swyx undertakes to use the data collected for licensing purposes only.
Please see the license conditions included in the package for further information.