Licensing SwyxWare Licensing Procedure Licensing of data channels
Licensing of data channels
Voice Channel Licenses
The number of voice channels is licensed. A voice channel is the connection from the own network, where SwyxServer is installed, to a terminal connected to another network. A distinction is made according to the type of voice channel:
* Voice channels via ISDN into the public telephone network or over SIPGateway trunks are licensed per configured voice channel
* Voice channels via IP to another location (SwyxLink or SIP trunk) are only charged when an active call exists over this connection
A SwyxWare installation has 8 ISDN channels. A branch is further linked in with a maximum of 4 channels (SwyxLink), and a SIP trunk is set up to a provider with a maximum of 10 channels. Altogether 22 channels are set up.
In this case at least 9 channels should be licensed.
If 16 channels are licensed, then 8 channels are recorded via the ISDN trunk, and a further 8 channels are available for simultaneous calls via the SwyxLink trunk and the SIP trunk. If e.g. all 4 SwyxLink connections and 4 SIP trunk connections are active, no further call can be initiated via the SwyxLink or SIP trunk.
The number of internal calls, i.e. calls between users of the same SwyxServer, is unlimited.
When dialing an emergency number (e.g. 112), a voice channel cannot be released automatically, when all voice channels are already occupied by external phone calls.
Make sure to purchase enough voice channel licenses, so that sufficient capacities for external connections are guaranteed.
Fax Channel Licenses
The number of configured fax channels is licensed. No distinction is made between the fax channel types, e.g. ISDN to the public telephone network or IP to another site (SwyxLink).