Licensing Options and Option Packs SwyxBCR (Basic Call Routing) SwyxMonitor
This function is not available for SwyxON.
The SwyxMonitor option pack requires the SwyxRecord option pack.
The "SwyxMonitor" option pack includes two options: permanent call recording, and intrusion on a conversation (Silent Call Intrusion).
* Permanent call recording
On any trunk connection, the calls for selected internal numbers can be permanently recorded. It can be specified whether one or both sides of the conversation are recorded. This option is often used in call center scenarios for training purposes, or for calls in which important transactions are authorized.
* Silent Call Intrusion
In a call center, the supervisor can use SwyxIt! to intrude on an ongoing conversation and listen in, give directions to the speaking call center agent (e.g. advice on presenting the case) or even actively join in the call.
You are obliged to adhere to any legal requirements when using the SwyxMonitor option pack.
SwyxMonitor-functions are only available when CTI is deactivated.