Licensing Options and Option Packs SwyxBCR (Basic Call Routing) SwyxFax
SwyxFax Server is a component of SwyxServer. With this component you can send and receive fax documents. SwyxFax uses the same connection to the public network as SwyxServer, typically an ISDN trunk. SwyxFax Server Can be installed on the same computer as the ISDN card of the ISDN trunk, but also on another permanently running computer, which is connected via an IP network to the ISDN trunk. (For secure transmission SwyxWare uses the T.38 protocol).
Licenses for SwyxFax users
The number of SwyxFax Client installations is unlimited. Licensed is the number of users who have configured a fax number and configured at least one fax forwarding (to SwyxFax Client, to an e-mail address or a printer).