Connection of SwyxPhone and SwyxIt! Licenses for System Phones Install and update Whitelist
Install and update Whitelist
If SwyxPhone displays the error message "No license available" during logon, check the number of user licenses.
If sufficient user licenses are present, but the logon fails, download the current Whitelist.
You will find the most up-to-date SwyxPhone Whitelist on the download page in the Support area or on the Swyx FTP server:
To install the Whitelist, start the .msi file.
Automatic Updates
For automatic updating of the whitelist you should create a task in the SwyxServerconfiguration wizard. See also Configuring SwyxWare step (29).
In SwyxON the whitelist is updated automatically by default.
The task appears in the Windows task planning (under the name “PhoneWhitelistUpdate”) and is executed via presetting daily at 2 a.m.. The precise starting time is moved using random time delay in order to hinder overburdening the update server.
Your own settings for the “PhoneWhitelistUpdate” task are reset to the preset SwyxServernext time the configuration wizard is executed.
The task replaces the existing whitelist with a new one which is downloaded from the update server.
You will find information on the (successful) actions in the Windows event display under “Windows logs | Application”. Look for the line marked in the “Source” column as “Phone Whitelist Update”.
If you use a standby server, note the following:
The Whitelist with system phone licenses will not be automatically synchronized with the master server. Install the Whitelist on the standby server as well and keep the file up to date.