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Correct time to connect to SwyxServer
For connections to the SwyxServer, the correct time has to made available to all SwyxPhones.
Time differences between SwyxServer and SwyxPhones may result in errors during logon to SwyxServer and during call setups.
The correct time should thus setup at all SwyxPhones by means of a time server (NTP).
A Windows domain controller can be used as a NTP server.
The IP address of the NTP server should be distributed via DHCP (option 42). Alternatively you can configure the NTP server via the web interface of the phone.
The time of the NTP server will only be internally used by the phone.
The time appearing in the display depends on the assigned location of the SwyxWare user.
SwyxPhones require the correct time for connections to the SwyxServer