Connection of SwyxPhone and SwyxIt! Use of SwyxIt! Distribution of the SwyxServer IP address to SwyxIt! Configuration of DNS Server for SwyxIt!
Configuration of DNS Server for SwyxIt!
In order for the terminal devices to contact the DNS server, they must know the IP address of the DNS server and the domain name for the request to the DNS server. This can be transmitted to the telephone per DHCP using the standard DHCP options or it can be entered into the telephone manually. The latter has the disadvantage that the DNS server IP address must be configured individually for each device in the network.
The SwyxIt! query of the DNS server is made via the DNS A record “ippbxsrv. <domain>”, where <domain> stands for the Internet domain name (analog: „ippbxsrvfallback.<domain>“ for FallbackSwyxServer). The answer of the DNS server then contains its IP address.
The DHCP options required for the use of the DNS server:
ID (dec)
DNS Option
DNS Server IP Address
Domain Name Option
Domain name of the Subnet
The dynamic query of the server information is supported by the clients in Windows 2000 or higher.