Connection of SwyxPhone and SwyxIt! Use of SwyxIt! SwyxIt! Web Extension
SwyxIt! Web Extension
SwyxIt! Web Extension offers the option of displaying a website within the SwyxIt! skin.
For further information, please refer to the SwyxIt! documentation.
It is possible to use special variables in the website address (URL) or HTML code in the websites. These variables are exchanged for their current value (content) during the website loading process. These variables can be used flexibly and effectively in web applications. It is possible, e.g. to resolve the number of an incoming call into an address by using an Internet phonebook service. Information, such as in this case the address, can then be displayed directly in the SwyxIt! skin.
Example - Variables in a URL
With the help of the following URL, it is possible to resolve the numbers of incoming calls using the Internet phonebook service "":
In this example the variable "%SelLinePeernumberPublicFormat%" is used, which contains the caller number of the last (or the active) call in "non-canonical" format.
For further variables, please refer to Use of System Variables.