System Requirements „ÄČ Network requirements
Network requirements
The IP network, in its function as a transport medium, has a significant influence on the voice quality of the telephone connections. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the configuration of the network.
All common network topologies are supported (Ethernet 1000BaseT etc.). TCP/IPv4 must be available as a transfer protocol. Other network protocols such as IPv6, IPX or ATM are NOT supported by SwyxWare.
Various QoS (Quality of Service) mechanisms are supported in order to guarantee interference-free transmission of voice data in the network. These include:
* On TCP/IP protocol level, DiffServ (RFC 247415) is supported.
* Prioritization of the voice data using IEEE802.1p
In order to take advantage of this feature, it is necessary to use network cards which support this standard.
Option Pack SwyxStandby
There are extensive preconditions for the installation of the SwyxStandby option pack.
See Network.
Bandwidth Requirement
In idle state, packets are exchanged between the clients and SwyxServer, e.g. to update the status signaling.