Scripts Voicemail
SwyxWareEvery user has their own personal answering machine (Voicemail). The Voicemail function requires an e-mail system which uses SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) as its mail transportation protocol. Incoming calls can be forwarded to Voicemail with the Call Forwarding function.
The Voicemail Process
* The caller hears an announcement made by the user.
* The caller can then leave a message.
* If the caller does not end the call after recording a message, but stays on the line without saying anything or pressing '#' for 10 seconds, he will reach a tone selection menu:
Saving the recorded Voicemail
Listening to the recorded Voicemail
Re-starts the recording of the Voicemail
Ends the recording and starts the menu announcement
* The caller's message is recorded as a WAV file and sent to the SwyxWare user by e-mail.
The calling party number, the calling party name, if available, and the length of the Voicemail are written in the subject of the Email. The name of the attachment is composed in the following way:
Voicemail-<date using the format yymmdd-hhmmss>-<Calling party number>-<Calling party name>
Each user can individually configure the e-mail address to which the voice mails should be sent. The e-mail contains the date, time, number, and name of the caller (if available) in text form. The recorded message is included as a file attachment.
The files sent contain the voice message in a compressed form. The compression to be used for this can be indicated as the server standard or it can be individually set for the user.
See also The “Advanced” Tab.
Voicemail Announcement
If a user starts SwyxIt! for the first time and if the user has been assigned the standard configuration (CompanyWelcome.wav (template)), he will be prompted to record an announcement. Both announcements, e.g. the name announcement (name.wav) and the Voicemail announcement (“My welcome message.wav”) will be saved in the database. If none of the announcement files ("default welcome.wav", "default welcome without recording.wav", "default welcome_with_menu.wav") is available, the user will be prompted to record the announcement again, regardless of whether he uses this announcement. If the announcement file "name.wav" is missing, the Recording Wizard will prompt again.
It is also possible for every user to record an individual announcement with SwyxIt! at a later point.
If SwyxIt! is started in a terminal session or as a CTI-SwyxIt!, the user will not be prompted to record his announcement. The same is true if the administrator has configured a company-specific announcement when creating the user.
The user can listen to and edit these voice mails from another telephone connection. See also Remote Inquiry.
If the user has not defined any rules or redirections a default call handling will be activated. See also Default call handling.