Scripts Dial by Name
Dial by Name
This action e.g. is part of the operator script. This gives the caller the option of being put through to a user, assuming he knows the user's name. It uses the files 'name.wav' in the user files.
Script Process
An announcement is played first:
"Hello! You have reached the automatic dial by name. Please type the name of the desired subscriber on the telephone keyboard." Here the letters A, B and C correspond to the 2 button, the letters D, E and F correspond to the 3 button, etc.
This announcement will be cancelled upon entry of a DTMF tone. The list of user names is searched after each entry:
* If more than three users with the entered letters are found, an additional letter entry will be prompted.
* If two or three users are identified, the caller can select from these per DTMF.
* If only one entry is found, the caller will be directly connected to this user.
* If no entry is found, the dial by name function will be discontinued.
* The caller can cancel the name search at any time with ‘#’ and return to the dial by name menu.