Configuration of SwyxServer Configuring SwyxServer settings The “Mail Server” Tab
The “Mail Server” Tab
The following parameters are used to enable SwyxServer to send email:
* Requests for permanent licenses can be sent via this mail server ( The “Licenses” Tab).
* With the Option Pack SwyxECR you can e.g. send emails from the Graphical Script Editor that only specify at what time a call was received from which number.
* If the SwyxFax Option Pack is installed, then mail server is used to deliver fax mails to users ( Fax forwarding as Faxmail or printed document).
* From SwyxWare for Data Center or SwyxON, monthly usage reports are sent from the licensing server ( Tab "Usage Reports“).These mail server settings are also used for this purpose.
Mail Server Configuration
The explicit address of the SMTP mail server you use is entered in this field. All recorded voice mails and welcome E-mails are delivered to the SwyxWare user via this SMTP server. You can use a symbolic name, a DNS name, or a direct IP address in order to identify the SMTP server.
Enter the SMTP port for connecting the mail server.
Enter into the "sender address" field the email sender address for all voice mails and welcome E-mails which SwyxServer will use to make deliveries to SwyxWareusers (e.g. This address must be chosen in correlation to the SMTP mail server used. Some SMTP mail servers support any choice of originating address, others require that the address be in the same form as the address which already exists for you. In any case, the domain label (e.g. “”) should be identical to one of the domains managed by the mail server.
The date format of the voicemail depends on the language setting in the Windows operating system, i.e. a computer with the language English (United States) will also provide the American date format (mm/dd/yy) for the voice.
Activate the checkbox "Use SSL" if you want to use a secure connection to the mail server, i.e. encoding the transferred data.
Enable SMTP authentication
Mail server authentication is supported in line with specification RFC 2554. The specific processes supported here are "LOGIN", "PLAIN", "CRAM-MD5".
Activate the checkbox and enter the username and password with which SwyxServer is to authenticate itself on the mail server configured above.
You can send a test email here which will be sent from SwyxServer to the specified sender address via the specified mail server.