Configuration of SwyxServer Configuring SwyxServer settings The “Search SwyxPhones” Tab
The “Search SwyxPhones” Tab
The connection of the IP telephones to your PhoneManager is configured here. When the scan is started, it assigns the IP address of the responsible PhoneManager to all addressed telephones within the given IP address range.
If you would like to add a new PhoneManager, click on “Add…”. A new window, “Add/Edit IP Range”, will appear.
Enter here the range of the IP addresses in your network, in which the SwyxPhone should be searched for, and the corresponding PhoneManager or Standby PhoneManager, and confirm this with "OK".
Enter how many hours the PhoneManager should scan for SwyxPhones and start the scan.
Please note that the scan for the phones will create minimal, yet continuous traffic in the network. For this reason, the scan is subjected to a time limit.