Configuration of SwyxServer Configuring SwyxServer settings The “Login Device“ Tab
The “Login Device“ Tab
Terminal types
Whether the users signal their status (logged on, speaking, is called) among each other or not, is defined in the relationships of the users or groups. Here you specify, which type of terminal signals the Log-on status of the user, if several terminal types are logged on to the same user account.
Define here which standard settings should be uses for the user. You can also configure individual settings for individual users ( The “Login Device“ Tab).
If a user has a SwyxPhone on the desk, for example, and a SwyxIt! installed on the computer, then the status can be signaled from SwyxIt!. A user is "Available", if the computer is switched on and SwyxIt! is running. If SwyxIt! has not been started, the user is still able to make calls using the SwyxPhone, however, internal employees and the Call Routing receive the status "logged off". If the user is making a call using SwyxPhone, the status "Speaking" is signaled to the employees, the status "logged off" is signaled to Call Routing.
In addition, some cases can be mentioned specifically for the various devices provided by Swyx:
* Basic Client
Activate the end device type “Basic Client” if the Swyx Mobile App (Windows Phone) status should be signalized.
* SwyxPhone Dxxx
If the status signaling needs to be dependent upon SwyxPhone Dxxx, then activate the 'SIP device' option here.