Standby SwyxServer „ÄČ Installation of a Standby SwyxServer
Installation of a Standby SwyxServer
The installation program makes SwyxWare installation very easy.
A master or standby SwyxServer is installed in the same way as a standard SwyxServer.
In the subsequent configuration with the help of the Configuration Wizard, specify setup of a standby SwyxServer.
Please note that master and standby system must be members of the same domain. The user account under which SwyxServer runs must be a domain user account. The user account of the SQL Server Agent must likewise be a domain account.
You have to install and configure both systems using a windows domain account which has administrative rights on both systems.
During the configuration of a master SwyxServer, the name of the computer on which the standby SwyxServer is installed is queried, and vice versa. If this computer does not yet exist at the time of configuration, you must start the Configuration Wizard again later (under "Start|Programs|SwyxWare|SwyxWare Configuration Wizard").