Standby SwyxServer Installation of a MasterSwyxServer
Installation of a MasterSwyxServer
The configuration of a master SwyxServer is similar to the configuration of a standard SwyxServer. Install the SwyxServer on a further computer. After you have selected a master server in the configuration, the necessary information for a master server is determined, such as
* name of the standby server
* standby configuration of the individual services
* Licenses entered,
* necessary user rights,
* this SwyxServer set up as master SwyxServer
* basic parameters in relation to the mail server, location, FTP access for the update of the SwyxPhone firmware and the conference.
This is how you configure a masterSwyxServer
1 SwyxServer Database:
Click on "Create..." to create a new local database.
First the SwyxWare user database is created.
In addition, it will be checked whether the Administrator password of the SQL server is set. If this is not the case, the configuration assistant will ask for a password.
You can also use "Restore" here to restore an existing local database, e.g. from an older SwyxWare installation.
2 Type of SwyxServer:
Choose master SwyxServer installation here.
3 User account:
Here you set the user account which should be used to start the SwyxWare system services (for example ’ippbx’).
Choose here the domain user account under which the standby SwyxServer also runs.
The user name should be selected by using the “Browse” button. You then only enter the password. The validity of your entries will be checked by the Setup program. This check may take several seconds. If there is an error in the entries an error message will appear and you can repeat the procedure.
4 Service Account Information
The configuration assistant gives an overview of the user account used, and the created group.
5 Licenses
Enter the licenses only during the configuration of the master server. To do this, click on "Add Licenses..." and enter the license key. You'll find these keys on the license certificate (PDF). See also SwyxWare Licensing Procedure.
6 Standby SwyxServer
Enter the name of the standby server here.
7 Standby Services:
A list of the Swyx services installed on the current computer appears. As default, all services on a computer work together with the other services on the same computer.
This means that all services on the master server work with the SwyxServer service on the master system, and all services on the standby system with the standby SwyxServer service. If you want to change this setting, click on "Edit...". A window will open: "Standby Service Configuration". Choose whether the selected service should work
* only with the master SwyxServer
* only with the standby SwyxServer or
* with both SwyxServer
8 Parameters must be configured here for the mail server, the location, the FTP access for the update of the telephone firmware and the conference. They are later accepted by the standby server.
9 Close the configuration assistant afterwards with “Finish”.
The standby configuration is then started directly ( Standby parameters for the MasterSwyxServer).