Standby SwyxServer „ÄČ Restrictions in a standby configuration
Restrictions in a standby configuration
With the installation of SwyxServer, further services are installed. This means that such a service can be installed on each system, master and standby (symmetrical installation). When there is a failure on the one system, the other system takes over, and the services are activated there.
Fig. 21-2: Master and Standby SwyxServer scenario, each with its own SwyxFax Server
Non-symmetrical installation
For reasons e.g. of resource restrictions, the services SwyxFax Server and SwyxConferenceManager can also be installed only on the master system (non-symmetrical installation). If the master system fails, the standby SwyxServer takes over, but these services will be no longer available.
The services SwyxFax Server, and SwyxConferenceManager cannot be installed only on the standby system, as they are represented in SwyxServer by a separate user! Similarly, in a symmetrical installation (services on standby and master system) these services cannot be uninstalled on the master system.
Alternatively, services can be installed as separated services on a third computer. E.g. further voice channels can be provided through an additional gateway ( Separated Services in a Standby Scenario), or locally available printers can be accessed by a separated SwyxFax Printer Gateway.