ISDN connections Basics for the ISDN connection Connection Types for the ISDN Lines
Connection Types for the ISDN Lines
The lines of an ISDN card can be used in different ways.
Operation Directly with the Public ISDN
In this configuration, the ISDN card is operated directly with an ISDN connection to the public telephone network (PSTN).
Operation with an Existing Telecommunication System as a Sub-telecommunication System
In this situation, a telecommunication system exists, which has a connection to the PSTN, and the ISDN card is connected to this telecommunication system. SwyxWare is a sub-telecommunication system in this case and SwyxWare does not have direct access to the PSTN.
See Connection of SwyxWare as Sub-telecommunication System on a Main Telecommunication System.
Operation as a Main System with a Sub-telecommunication System
SwyxWare has a connected sub-telecommunication system (sub-PBX) and the line to be configured connects the main system and the sub-telecommunication system.
See Connecting a Sub-telecommunication System (Sub-PBX) to SwyxWare.