ISDN connections Installation of the ISDN Cards Preparation of the SX2 QuadBRI before insertion Configuration of the supply voltage in NT mode
Configuration of the supply voltage in NT mode
An interface configured for NT mode can be fed with 40V from an optional external feed module. Connect this feed module to the green connector on the upper right side of the SX2 QuadBRI or SX2-express QuadBRI.
Using the SX2 QuadBRI V2 with an external feed module you have to insert additionally the two outer jumpers on the plug-in slot of the internal feed module (see figure below).
For each NT interface to be fed, set two jumpers for each port to which you want to supply power. Afterwards, ISDN devices that are intended for supply from the public line can also be operated directly on the SX2 QuadBRI V2 or SX2-express QuadBRI.
Please ensure that you use the feed module only for interfaces that are configured for NT mode, Otherwise the interface will be damaged.
Alternatively, you can mount an internal feed module directly on the SX2 Quad-BRI.
Do not use an internal and an external feed module at the same time.