ISDN connections Installation of separated Gateways (SwyxGate) Configuring SwyxGate
Configuring SwyxGate
After the installation the will be started. Use this Wizard to define the configuration parameters for the installed components.
This is how you configure SwyxGate
1 User account:
Here you set the user account which should be used to start the SwyxWare system services (for example ’ippbx’).
In the case of a separate SwyxGate you can use as user account the same domain account that you used during the SwyxServer installation. Alternatively please use a domain account that is a member in the group of SwyxWare administrators.
The user name should be selected by using the “Browse” button. You then only enter the password. The validity of your entries will be checked by the Setup program. This check may take several seconds. If there is an error in the entries an error message will appear and you can repeat the procedure.
2 Server name:
Here enter the name or the IP address of your SwyxServer.
All necessary information is passed on from the SwyxServer directly to SwyxGate.
3 After installation, set up ISDN trunks in the SwyxWare Administration. The link to SwyxGate is via the name of the computer on which the service was installed.
See This is how you create an ISDN Trunk.