SwyxLink (Server-Server Connection) Configuring a SwyxLink Trunk The “SIP Registration" Tab
The “SIP Registration" Tab
On this tab you can give the SIP access data with which the LinkManager logs on via this trunk to another SwyxServer. For security reasons, you can also specify that the LinkManager must authenticate itself when logging on to the SwyxServer.
SIP User ID:
A unique SIP user ID is needed for logging on to the SwyxServer. This is identical to the name of the trunk as default, but can be changed.
The SIP user ID must be identical on both server sides.
SIP Authentication method
Specify here whether the LinkManager must authenticate itself to the SwyxServer or not.
The following options are available for selection:
* <SwyxServer default
If this option is selected, the authentication method selected in the client settings in the server properties is used here. See The “Client Preferences” Tab.
* No authentication
The LinkManager logs on without authentication.
* Always authenticate
The LinkManager must always authenticate itself.
SIP user name and password
The SIP user name and SIP password are required for authentication.