User Configuration User configuration The “Administrator properties for UserDialog Tab "RemoteConnector" "Use manually generated certificate"
"Use manually generated certificate"
In manual mode, the root certificate, server certificate(s) and client certificates have to be generated by you and stored in the Windows certificate storage on the corresponding computers.
See Manually generated certificates.
In the "RemoteConnector" tab, you have to enter the thumbprint of the client certificate that you generated for the user and imported to the Windows certificate storage on the user's computer.
How to enter the Client certificate's thumbprint
1 In SwyxWare-Administration, open "Administration Properties for Users..." and select the "RemoteConnector" tab.
2 In the area "Use manually generated certificate", enter the client certificate's thumbprint in the "thumbprint" field.
3 Confirm your entry with “OK”.
The dialog window "Administrator properties for users..." is closed. The client certificate is assigned to the user.