User Configuration User configuration The “Call Forwarding...” Dialog The “Standard Voicemail” Tab
The “Standard Voicemail” Tab
Here you can indicate whether a welcome announcement is to be played when a call is forwarded to the Standard Voicemail. You can also specify this text here.
Furthermore you can specify whether Voicemail is to be recorded at all. In addition, you can set the maximum length of the Voicemail in seconds and enter the email address to which the recorded Voicemail should be sent.
Define here whether the user may start a remote inquiry during the standard Voicemail using the * key.
In general, a differentiation is made between the Standard Voicemail and a special Voicemail. A special Voicemail is created within the for a specific application. The Standard Voicemail configured here is the Voicemail that is applied as default voicemail in all rules.
For further information, please refer to the documentation "Call Routing Manager".