User Configuration User configuration The “Call Forwarding...” Dialog The ”Mobile Extensions” Tab
The ”Mobile Extensions” Tab
Parallel calls can be set up on this page.
Parallel Calls
In the event of an incoming call, not only internal terminals but also external terminals, such as for example the user's mobile phone, can ring simultaneously. The call is then handled via the terminal that first accepts the call.
If calls to this user are to be forwarded simultaneously to external terminals too, activate the checkbox "Enable Parallel Calls for this user".
Enter the external numbers to which the call is additionally to be delivered, in canonical format (e.g. +4923144455566). If you would like to deliver the call to several external terminals, separate the numbers by a semi-colon.
Only public phone numbers can be entered here. If you want to route parallel calls to internal Users, please create a group (parallel) to do this.