User Configuration User configuration The "Client…" Dialog The “Shortcuts” Tab Export and import of speed dials and shortcuts.
Export and import of speed dials and shortcuts.
The speed dials and shortcuts of individual users can be exported and/or imported.
When saving and processing personal data, observe the respective applicable legal data protection regulations.
In the user list of the SwyxWare administration, select the respective menu entry in the context menu of a user:
* „Speed dials / Shortcuts | Import...“
* „Speed dials / Shortcuts | Export...“
The button assignment is saved in a *.key file.
The user pictures and any linked contacts are also saved.
The buttons are assigned according to their label (e.g. "Speed Dial 1" is assigned to "Speed Dial 1" again).
The number of buttons on the Skin is not modified by the import.
Linked contacts are imported, regardless if the respective applications are connected to SwyxIt! or not.
During the import, any speed dial and shortcut buttons are overwritten. I.e. if the *.key file only describes the assignment of one speed dial button, any other buttons will be deleted (reset).