User Configuration User configuration The "Client…" Dialog The “Lines” Tab
The “Lines” Tab
You will also find this tab in the dialog "Button Configuration for User...".
The number of Line Buttons can be defined in this page. You can also set a label for each defined line.
The remaining parameters then apply respectively for the selected line. All spontaneously dialed numbers are dialed over the standard line (default line), provided the user does not specify any other line in advance. This setting applies both to SwyxIt! and to SwyxPhone. If no line is specified as standard, then as before the last used line is selected.
Number / URI
In the "Incoming calls" field, you can define which incoming calls are signaled on the line specified above:
* All incoming Calls,
* Only group calls, or
* Calls to all internal numbers of this user, or
* Calls to a specified internal number of this user, in case there are several numbers.
In the "Outgoing calls" field, you can define the internal number used for signaling an external number.
A user has the internal number "225" which is mapped to the external number „+49 231 55666225“. And, the same user has the additional internal number "325" which is mapped to the external number „+44 778 88325“. If you select "225" for outgoing calls, this user signals „+49 231 55666225“ for external calls.
The administrator can enter a number for each line here. This number is then used as the outgoing number. This number does not have to be the number of the user. It can be any free number or the number for the “Support” group, for example. This number is marked with “(Alternative Number)”.
Please note that all Alternative numbers which are to be assigned here must have been added for the user beforehand as Alternative numbers. See The "Alternative Numbers" Tab.
The display of your own number for outgoing calls can be suppressed by selecting the option “Hide Number”.
See The “General” Tab.
Wrap Up Time
A wrap up time between 5 and 1800 seconds can be defined for each line here. If the checkbox is activated, the line is blocked for further calls during this time period after every incoming call.
The line is cleared if the user initiates and ends a call during the wrap up time.