User Configuration Configure users in the Windows user administration Assign SwyxWare user to existing Windows users
Assign SwyxWare user to existing Windows users
A SwyxWare user can be assigned to existing Windows users in Windows user administration.
This is how you assign a SwyxWare user to a Windows user
1 Open the Windows user administration.
2 In the user's shortcut menu, open the properties and switch to the "SwyxWare" tab.
3 You have several different options:
* Select an existing SwyxWare user from the list. In this case the corresponding Windows user account is assigned to the SwyxWare user.
* Select the list entry "Create new SwyxWare user". A new SwyxWare user is created. All the necessary parameters will be queried by a wizard ( This is how you create a new user in the Windows user administration. from step (3).