User Configuration Conference
In SwyxWare the Option Pack SwyxConference must be installed in order to use the conferencing function with more than three participants.
Licensing: Licensing.
The Conference function is implemented with the help of the “SwyxConferenceManager” service. The installation of the ConferenceManager can be carried out on SwyxServer or on an independent computer. The ConferenceManager takes over the management of the conference participants and mixes the voice data.
See Installation of a SwyxWare component on an additional computer.
When ConferenceManager is installed, a user is set up that is specifically intended for operating this ConferenceManager. If more than one ConferenceManager is installed, a user is created for each . The conferences are then distributed to the various ConferenceManagers.
If a ConferenceManager is activated, all users can use the Conference functionality, i.e. they can initiate conferences and add more than two subscribers to conferences. For further information please refer to the SwyxIt!documentation.
For a user to be able to start a conference, he must have this functionality available in his feature profile (SwyxAdHocConference) and he must have the functional permission for it ( The “Properties…” Dialog: The “Rights” Tab).