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Conventions for the Descriptions
Operating Steps
In this documentation, click always means: You click the left mouse button once.
Double-click: You quickly click twice with the left mouse button.
If the right mouse button is required for an operating step, it will be indicated explicitly in the text.
“Click with the right mouse button...”
Menu Operation
Instructions which refer to the selection of certain menu entries will be presented as follows:
"Lists | Phonebook..."
refers to the menu item "Phonebook…", which you will find in the "Lists" menu.
The context menu for an element opens when you click with the right mouse button on the element.
Special design elements
This symbol indicates safety advice: ignoring the advice can lead to material damage or loss of data.
This represents an advice which should be observed in order to avoid possible license infringements, misunderstandings, malfunctions and delays in software operation.
This indicates information which should not be skipped.
This highlights handy tips, which could be helpful for running the software.
These are instructions,
...which prompt the user to perform an action that can also be performed in several steps (1., 2. etc.).