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Tracing from SwyxIt!
The trace files generated by SwyxIt! may contain personal data.
Please observe the respective applicable legal regulations. Please pay attention to this, especially when saving processing personal data for tracing, see Deactivate tracing.
SwyxIt! offers the possibility of logging the activities of the software. By default tracing is deactivated.
For exact error analysis it is often necessary to trace the individual actions in more detail. The SwyxIt! program directory contains files (TraceOn.reg, TraceOn-x64.reg). Activate the tracing by double clicking on the respective file.
The so-called trace depth is determined using a number of registration entries.
Use these REG files only if you are asked to do so by a Swyx Support employee.
SwyxIt! Traces cannot be deleted automatically. In order to meet the valid data protection regulations, it may be necessary to delete the corresponding entries manually.
Where can the trace files be found?
You'll find the trace files in the temp directory of the user who executes SwyxIt!. You can find the temp directory quickly by entering the address %temp% in Windows Explorer. The Explorer then navigates automatically to the temp directory valid for the user.
If you want to collect the trace files for a longer period in special cases, you can adjust the target directory for the trace files. Open the registry editor and adjust the value "Logfile" under the key "„HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\WOW6432Node\SOFTWARE\Swyx\Client Line Manager\CurrentVersion\Tracing". If only a file name is specified there, the trace files are written to the temp directory. If a full path is given there (e.g.: c:\trace\SwyxIt!.log), the trace files are written to the corresponding directory.
Deactivate tracing
Please observe the respective applicable legal data protection regulations and change the trace level back again following troubleshooting.
Following troubleshooting, you should deactivate tracing again.You will find the files necessary for this (TraceOff.reg, TraceOff-x64.reg) in the program directory of SwyxIt!. Deactivate the tracing by double clicking on the respective file.