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Call Permissions
Call rights are defined within SwyxWare for users and trunk groups.
For each user, these rights define
* where a call may be made to (e.g. local),
* with what public line access (e.g. private or business) and
* via which trunk group this call may go out.
The call permissions are defined using so-called profiles, which are then assigned to individual users or trunk groups.
Such a profile can be composed of several individual permissions. But each user and each trunk group has only precisely one call permission.
Various simple call permissions are offered in the standard installation ( Call permissions in the standard installation.).
If there are special requirements for call permissions, which the standard profiles do not satisfy, the SwyxWare administrator can define his own call permissions, customized specifically for the needs of the installation.
To define call permissions in detail, see Create Call Permission.
Call Permissions and Routing
The call permissions are independent of the routing ( Routing). Routings define how a call leaves the system, i.e. how it can be forwarded depending on the trunk group and the time conditions. Routes are a property of the SwyxServer.
Call permissions are user and/or trunk group characteristics. They define which rights are granted to an incoming call, i.e. if and how a call will be transmitted.