Profile Call Permissions Call permissions in the standard installation.
Call permissions in the standard installation.
In the standard installation, a few simple call permissions are already available:
Call Permission
Deny all calls
No outgoing calls can be initiated. This configuration can make sense for a user (script) who should only be called.
Internal calls
Only calls to internal SwyxWare subscribers can be initiated.
Calls into local public network
Only local calls, i.e. within the area code, can be made
National destinations
Only calls within a country (same country code) can be initiated.
European destinations
Only calls within Europe can be made, i.e. the country code must start with 3 or 4.
No call restrictions
There are no call restrictions.
Call permissions that were granted in an earlier SwyxWare version (internal, local, national and international) are mapped on to the corresponding call permissions during an update to the current version. Only the rights that were assigned to the user are considered here, but not the rights that he may have received within the scope of a group membership.