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Example 2
There is a SwyxWare installation with two SwyxServers, one in Dortmund and one in Berlin. The two SwyxServers are connected to each other over a SwyxLink.
In order that calls to Berlin can in principle go via this SwyxLink, a routing record must be set up on the server in Dortmund to forward all calls to Berlin via the SwyxLink to Berlin.
Routing record in Dortmund:
Allow call +49 30*; Trunk group "SwyxLink Dortmund-Berlin"; Priority 900
A user has the location Dortmund (prefix: 0231). In the first place he can make local calls in Dortmund via ISDN:
Entry in the user's call permission:
Allow call +49,231*; Trunk group "ISDN Dortmund"
He also has the right to make calls to Berlin via a SwyxLink trunk "SwyxLink Dortmund-Berlin":
Entry in the user's call permission:
Allow call +4930*; Trunk group "SwyxLinkDortmund-Berlin"
In its call permission, the trunk group "SwyxLink Dortmund-Berlin" allows local calls via ISDN into the Berlin local public network. (This is configured on the Berlin side!):
Entry in the call permissions of the trunk group "SwyxLink Dortmund-Berlin" on the Berlin side:
Allow call +49 30*; Trunk group "ISDN Berlin"
The user in Dortmund can thus call Berlin via the SwyxLink, and there telephone locally via ISDN into the public telephone network.