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SwyxPhone Family
SwyxPhone is a family of IP desk telephones, which brings the full capability of a company telephone system via Ethernet to your workstation - independently or together with your PC.
SwyxPhone L6xx
The SwyxPhone model series consists of several different models. All have a telephone display with two, four or more lines, and have other differing features. These relate to the number of function keys and speed dials, the handsfree facility, LAN switch integration and much more.
They all offer comfortable telephony via "Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)", in collaboration with software clients.
SwyxPhone D8xx
Both these telephones belong to the SwyxDECT 800 and allow cordless access directly to the SwyxWare installation. The users concerned can then be reached anywhere. The direct link to SwyxServers means that the phone functions such as Hold, Call Swap, and also voicemail are available to the users.
See SwyxDECT 800 System.
SwyxPhone D5xx
These phones are a part of the SwyxDECT 500 system.
They support HD audio. Maximum 40 base stations can be added in a network.
See SwyxDECT 500 System.
SwyxPhone D7xx
These phones belong to SwyxDECT 700.
See Devices.