Cross-network connections Internet connection via SwyxRemoteConnector Configuration of SwyxIt! Configuring voice compression
Configuring voice compression
A minimum bandwidth of 84kbit/s is required for an Internet connection.
After installing SwyxIt! on the Windows computer, it might be necessary to adjust voice compression to the Internet connection's minimum bandwidth. The highest audio quality should always be used, if a sufficient data transmission rate is available for SwyxIt!. If the transmission rate is lower than 84 kbit/s (during upload or download), then voice compression will have to be used.
How to select a voice codec for the Internet connection
1 Start SwyxIt!, click on “Settings| Local Settings”, and open the “Local Settings” tab.
2 Select a bandwidth in the "voice codec" field that corresponds to the bandwidth of the connection.
As telephony clients on both sides use the same voice codec during a call, please verify the list of authorized codecs in the codec filter for the server. See The "Default Codec Filter" tab.
Please also verify that the respective codecs are authorized for the individual users. See The "Codec Filter" Tab.
Starting SwyxIt! and then playing and listening to announcements can take some time because the files needed in this case must be loaded from SwyxServer via the Internet connection.
Saving recordings may take longer and use additional bandwidth, if the directory for the recorded calls are not locally stored on the user PC.