SwyxWare installation Installation of SwyxServer -Run SwyxWare Setup
-Run SwyxWare Setup
The installation of SwyxServer is carried out by a Microsoft Windows Installer file. The Windows Installer is an integral component of the Windows operating system.
How to perform installation with the help of SwyxWare Setup
1 Close all Windows applications.
2 Put the SwyxWare DVD into your DVD ROM drive.
The Setup program will start automatically.
In case the setup does not start, double-click on the file autorun.exe, which is located on the SwyxWare DVD.
3 The SwyxWare Setup start page will appear.
A check is performed on whether Microsoft .NET Framework is installed.
4 Select “Install SwyxServer”.
A check is performed on whether Microsoft .NET Framework is installed.
If not, you can install it directly from the DVD, by clicking on the relevant link.
Please follow the instructions and click on “SwyxServer”.
The SwyxWare installation will open.
5 Accept the license agreement.
6 Read the latest information.
7 Use the Installation Wizard to define the components you wish to install.
* SwyxServer
handles user administration, and contains as an additional component the AutoAttendant. You can individually select the components during the installation.
- Auto Attendant
Auto Attendant with support and sales groups
- Exchange 2003 Compatibility
supports calendar-based call forwardings with Exchange Server 2003 and older. Deactivates identification of more recent versions. If this option is not selected, the support for Exchange 2007 or higher will be installed.
* SwyxConferenceManager
manages all conferences and conference rooms
* SwyxPhoneManager
manages the connection of the telephones (SwyxPhone)
* SwyxGate
for the connection to the public telephone network
* SwyxLinkManager
supplies WAN connections (IP) to another SwyxServer or to a SIP provider or ENUM
* SwyxCTI+
allows the control of phone devices and external phones via the phone number
* SwyxRemoteConnector
Facilitates connections to SwyxServer outside a local and/or virtual private network
* SwyxFax Server
enables transmission and receipt of fax documents.
* SwyxFax Printer Gateway
enables automatic printing of received fax documents.
* Swyx Trace Tool
manages SwyxWare protocol files and enables the transfer of these files to the support ( Swyx Trace Tool).
The field next to the component selection contains a description of the selected component, the installation status and the required memory.
All components listed are installed in the default setting.
If you would prefer not to have a component installed on this computer (or later, separately), select “Unavailable” from the drop-down list. If you would like to install the individual components separately, deactivate the other components in the corresponding drop-down list.
With “Memory” you can display the current storage space allocation of the available disks.
8 Start installation:
* Click on "Next>". By clicking on "Install" in the "Start installation" dialog, the installation process starts. During this process the required files will be copied and the registration database entries will be made.
Complete the installation using the .
See Configuring SwyxWare.