Scripts „ÄČ Operator (AutoAttendant)
Operator (AutoAttendant)
It is possible to configure users and groups that are commonly spread within a company structure directly during the SwyxWare installation.
The script "Operator" serves as the automatic forwarding option: You may e.g. receive any general calls to your company via an operator desk. Similar to all other users, an internal and an external number may be assigned to the operator desk.
Script Process
First the announcement is played:
"Please enter the extension number or the 7 for Sales, the 8 for Support, the 9 for automatic dial by name or stay on the line to be connected to an operator." The groups Sales and Support were chosen as an example. You can change these at any time ( Change Operator Script).
Afterwards the caller can make a selection per DTMF entry.
* If no entry is made, the caller will be connected to an operator after 5 seconds.
* If the caller enters an internal or external number directly, he will be put through to this number. This is also true for extension numbers that begin with 7, 8 and 9 as long as the caller enters the first two numbers of the extension number within 2 seconds.
To prevent misuse (e.g. unauthorized dialing in to the telephone system followed by transfer to chargeable service numbers), the default setting only permits an operator to dial internal calls. If transfer to external numbers is nevertheless required, be sure to protect the script e.g. with the help of a PIN.