Scripts Operator (AutoAttendant) Change Operator Script
Change Operator Script
If the "Extended Call Routing" or "SwyxProfessional" option pack has been installed, you can edit the operator script.
This is how you change the settings in the operator script
1 To do this, open the Call Routing Manager for the user "Operator" in SwyxIt! or in the SwyxWare Administration.
2 Select the rule "Auto Attendant".
3 Click on the link "Auto Attendant Action" in the description field.
The dialog "Sequence of Actions" opens.
4 Click with the right mouse button on the action "Operator" in the list on the left and select "Edit Editor Action" in the context menu.
The Graphical Script Editor will start.
5 There you can change the action according to your needs.
For further information, please refer to the documentation "Graphical Script Editor".