Scripts Operator (AutoAttendant) Operator and SwyxWare Update
Operator and SwyxWare Update
The update of SwyxWare will be performed in a way that your existing configuration remains unchanged.
The following situations can occur during the update:
The user "Operator" already exists
If there is already a user with the name "Operator", this will not be changed and the Call Routing remains the same. The "Operator" function provided by the "Operator" script will then not work.
The groups "Sales" and "Support" already exist
In this case these will be used by the Call Routing of the user "Operator".
The names "Sales", "Operator" or "Support" already exist
If other objects (users, SwyxLinks, Phonebook entries, etc) with the names "Sales" or "Support" already exist, these groups will not be created and the operator will not function.
Before beginning the update, make certain that there are no user names, gateway names, link names or global Phonebook entries with the names "Operator", "Support" or "Sales".
You can also create the groups "Sales" and "Support" later using the SwyxWare Administration.