Configuration of SwyxServer User interface of SwyxWare Administration Context menu in the SwyxWare Administration
Context menu in the SwyxWare Administration
By using the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), you can start some functions directly in the SwyxWare Administration from the tree structure, with the context menu (right mouse button).
Create new elements
New users, groups, rights, profiles, locations, trunks etc. can be created in the context menu. The relevant Configuration Wizard starts up and the necessary parameters are queried.
Change existing elements
If you open the properties of an element in the context menu, you can make changes here. For details please refer to the sections relating to these elements.
Delete elements
In the context menu of individual elements, e.g. a profile, a location or a trunk group, you can delete this element provided it is no longer used.
Export lists
When a list of elements is displayed on the right side, e.g. the list of administration profiles, you can export the list and the associated descriptions into a text file by selecting, for example, the menu item “Export list…” from the “Administration profiles” context menu.
Using Drag&Drop
You can change user properties with Drag&Drop.
On the right you have the list of users who use the call permission "Internal calls". If you drag a user to the call permission "European destinations", he is now assigned this call permission, and his entry under "Internal calls" disappears.