Configuration of SwyxServer
Configuration of SwyxServer
Administration of SwyxServer, Configuration of server properties
The SwyxWare Administration is a so-called Snap In module for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Therefore, you can use the same user interface which you are already familiar with from most of the management tools found in Windows Systems, without having to become acquainted with a new user interface. Please consult the appropriate Windows Online Help for information on using the MMC.
With the help of SwyxWare Administration, you can, for example,
* define global SwyxServer settings ( Configuring SwyxServer settings),
* Configure users ( User Configuration),
* configure a fax connection ( Export User List),
* Create and modify groups ( Configuration of Groups),
* define secretariat relationships between users ( Secretariate),
* Map internal to external numbers ( The “Internal Numbers” Tab)
* Define locations and thus prefixes and time zones, and assign these to users or trunk groups ( Locations)
* Set up routings to determine the connections individual calls can be routed by ( Routing)
* Define profiles, which define calling rights, determine the usage of certain components and assign administration rights ( Profile)
* Display a log of parameter changes for SwyxServer ( Change log)
* manage the Global Phonebook ( Global Phonebook),
* Add or remove trunks and trunk groups ( Setting up trunks and trunk groups) and
* Obtain information concerning individual connections ( Active Calls).